May 30, 2010

Who Kissed Nichkhun?

Posted by Nez
On the May 29 broadcast of SBSStar King, a legless American wrestler named Dustin Pal was featured.
2PM’s Nichkhun attempted to do push ups above the wrestler and succeeded, showing  his great strength. MC Kang Hodong wanted to join in the fun, beckoning Nichkhun to try to do push ups on him.

Unfortunately, Kang Hodong couldn’t hold Nichkhun up any longer. Nichkhun’s head fell on Kang Hodong’s face, making it appear that Nichkhun and Kang Hodong were kissing in a scene similar to the SBS weekend drama, Life is Beautiful. Shortly after, the watching entertainers lifted Nichkhun off of Kang Hodong, preventing anything worse from happening.

Check out the action below:
Here’s some screen caps in case it happened too quickly:
Video: pushipaya @ Youtube
Source: Newsen
Translation: hazyfiasco @

Take out with full credits.
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