May 12, 2010

YoSeob Corrects the Cameraman on Music Core

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Netizens are applauding BEAST’s YoSeob for his admirable actions during BEAST’s performance on MBC Music Core. What is it that he did that has all the netizens cheering?

On the recent broadcast of Music Core on the 8th, BEAST was performing their new comeback single, Special. In the middle of the performance, when HyunSeung was singing his part, the cameraman accidentally focused on YoSeob instead. Realizing that the camera was filming him and not HyunSeung,

YoSeob quickly pointed to his fellow member with a quirky smile on his face, indicating to the cameraman that he should be filming HyunSeung.

Check out the screencap of YoSeob’s praiseworthy gesture!

Check out 1:45 if you want to see YoSeob’s selflessness in action!

Netizens are saying that “his sense on stage was the best. His smiling image is the best.” They also compliment him by saying that “the instinctive sense that Yoseob showed was shocking.”
It’s great to see the love between BEAST members! Most of all, it’s great to see that entertainers are taking such an active part to make sure that everyone gets a fair share of camera time- it really shows that they’re there for each otehr! With so many members in a group, it’s often hard to be in the spotlight. Even though he was being filmed on camera, YoSeob knew that it was time for HyunSeung to shine. YoSeob’s selflessness will not go unnoticed!
Source: TV Daily & CodeMonmonMixes @youtube
Translation: glfishyy@B2ST Rising

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