Jun 7, 2010

f(x)’s Krystal criticized for rude attitude on Quiz that Changes the World

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The new “IT” girl of K-pop, Krystal of f(x) has been criticized by viewers for her rude attitude she’s shown during Quiz That Changes the World recently.

Aired on the 5th, the popular variety show featured many guest stars from various age groups, including senior trot singers like Song Dae KwanTae Jin Ah, and idol group members from f(x) and 2AM.

On this very episode, the show conducted its routinely-done segment, where guest stars are assigned to choose a celebrity friend of theirs to make a surprise phone call, and quiz them with random questions.
While singer Tae Jin Ah was making his phone call with his friend Maya, Krystal seemed inattentive by showing absolute no sign of interest to the elder.

After seeing her attitude, netizens commented, “She has no manners,” “I was truly disappointed by how she didn’t even bother to clap for Tae Jin Ah, despite the fact that he’s a respected senior, ” and more.
Although many of you readers may believe that Krystal’s actions don’t deserve such harsh rebuke, respect actually plays an extremely important role in Korean culture.
It is very unacceptable to show such behavior to an elder, especially to a senior who works in the same field.

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