Jun 10, 2010

Jay Park parodies Taylor Swift & officially announces fanclub name

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The widely followed Jay Park is back and better than ever with his sixth Youtube video, and fans of music, breakdancing and Jay in general are going to love this one – we get to enjoy a collection of his most recent bboy battles (around four minutes) and hear him talk about his official fanclub name (another four minutes) and then listen to him “cover” Taylor Swift (two minutes) to add up to a nearly ten minute long video!

Breakdancing aficionados get a good taste of this bboy’s skills and his creative improv style. It’s pretty incredible to see Jay doing all sorts of tricks, from sweeping the floor with his head (1:08) to bouncing everywhere with flips and twists (3:51).

After the collection of videos, Jay sat down (check out his FIFA World Cup shirt – yay for patriotism!) for an improv talk about his official fanclub name. Fans rocked the vote last month and the results are in: Jay Park’s fanclub has been officially titled Jay Effect, and each member is called a Jaywalker! Confused? As you may recall, the performer opened an online poll for worldwide fans to participate in last month, and Bumblebee led the race with nearly 40% of the votes. “What if I have guy fans?… I’m sure a guy doesn’t want to be called a Bumblebee,” Jay mused. “[So] I want each fan to be individually called the Jaywalker.” Collectively, the fanclub will be titled the Jay Effect, and the colors currently stand as black & yellow to fit the “bumblebee” concept.

To cheer up any fans that might’ve been disappointed with the new fanclub name, Jay ended the video with an amusing parody of Taylor Swift’s You Belong To Me and… well, that speaks for itself, doesn’t it?
Anyway, without further ado…!

hey guys just a bunch of footage of battles i’ve been doin lately and just talking bout my fan club, hope i didn’t disappoint to many people, also one of my best covers yet 재밌게보세요 ㅋㅋ사이좋게다잘지냅시다 ^ㅠ^
Jay seems to be a bit nervous about disappointing his fans with his fanclub name decision, but considering the fact that “Jaywalkers” started trending soon after his video hit the net, I’m sure that many Jaywalkers out there are supporting him all the way!

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