Jun 8, 2010

Park Bom’s lettuce diet is a success

Posted by Nez
Earlier in March, 2NE1’s Park Bom was under the netizens’ scrutiny for seemingly gaining weight. Later in April, fellow member Dara posted up a picture of Park Bom nibbling on lettuce to lose weight. Fast forward a couple of months later, it appears as if her “lettuce diet” was a success!

Recently, Park Bom surprised fans with picture she uploaded onto her me2day. Along with the picture (bottom right), she left a message that reads, “Right now, I’m sitting on a massage chair in the recording studio fooling around. My glasses and my expression go well together, don’t they?” But, that’s besides the point.

Many netizens were surprised by how well her lettuce diet went, leaving messages like, “I didn’t know you could get such great results with the lettuce diet!” It seems like the netizens once again approve of her new look.

Personally, I didn’t think Park Bom looked any bit out of shape back in March. Nor do I approve of a lettuce-only-diet as it is bound to be unhealthy for your body as we need a daily intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and such (just in case you readers do try to attempt this “lettuce diet”). But keep in mind that Park Bom most likely did eat other foods than just lettuce.

Nevertheless, her new and “improved” look has got the netizens excited! Although there has been no official news yet of when their comeback will exactly be, it definitely looks like we have a comeback coming soon! Stay tuned as we bring you more 2NE1 updates!

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