Jun 17, 2010

[Pictures] DJ Mike of Redi 988 Radio, just uploaded pic with u-kiss

Posted by Nez

Envy? Yup me too, I wish I'm the one standing beside them, aww they were all so adorable >.<
I still can't believe they actually already in Malaysia. Here is the interview at 98.8

this was actually a very fun interview to listen to! I hope there's a repeat laugh.gif

U-kiss comes in "Annyeonghaseyo! We are U-kiss~!!-

Male DJ: Wow! I think U-kiss is the group that speaks the most variaty of language. U-kiss's members can really speak Chinese, and your pronounciation of Bahasa Malaysia is very sharp too!"

Female DJ: Yes, you guys must learn Malay for the fans right? How's your Malay right now?

Xander: Not so good, Not so bad~ -laughs-

Dongho: Saya Cinta Padamu!

DJs: (laughs) Yes that is a must learn!

DJ: What was your first thought when you arrived in Malaysia?

Xander: Wow! It's really hot here!

Eli: Yeah, but there's lots of trees, unlike Korea, so I was really surprised.

Xander: it's very nice!

DJs: Does the 'Kiss' in U-kiss have a special meaning?

Xander: Korean International Super Star. Ubiquitous Korean International Super Stars.

DJ: What were some of the difficulties you guys have to face through?

Xander: We had a very different culture background, that was a hard part. And the communication too, it was very awkward.

DJ: but you guys share the Korean language right? That's a language that all the members had?

Xander: Actually Me, Eli and Kevin came from different countries, our Korean weren't really good! It was hard to talk much because we didn't knew words biggrin.gif

DJ: Who trained for the longest time?

Xander: Kibum.(I think) He had 5 years of trainning, since form 3??? Before our debut, everyday we'd have to practice singing for 2 hours and dance none-stop. Then we'd enter all sorts of competitions and hope we'd get through~ It was really tiring.

DJ: Okay, I can see it is really hard! Did anyone actually cry in the process?

Eli: I did, but it was when I was in (China)? I had no friends biggrin.gif

DJ: -Laughs!- oh so you cried because you had no friends!

DJ: What are the roles the each of the member has in U-kiss?

Soohyun: Vocal
Kiseop: Vocal
Kibum: Comedian!!

DJ: Haha! So Kibum is the comedian in U-Kiss! But he's not talking very much today. Probably because he can't speak Chinese very well laugh.gif

DJ: Now we know that Kibum's brother is actually a member of SS501, Kim Hyung Joon? We know from an interview previously that he kinda envys the member in Boys Over Flowers, am I right?

Then they start talking in Korean alot XD haha!

U-kiss members (can hear Dongho's voice especially, very loud biggrin.gif) "WEIH YO??? WEIH YO???? laugh.gif (Why??? Why???)

Kibum: Why? Because of his acting skills I guess, I'm very envious too, to be able to act in a Drama.

DJ: Is there jealousy between the members?

Xander: no!! No jealousy, the members help each other alot, Kibum hyung likes to compliment people! laugh.gif There is competition, but it's only for the good of U-kiss! We strive for the better of U-kiss! But not to kill each other! -laughs!-

- short break and DJs put on U-kiss's Without You-

After that.

U-kiss members: CHEER! WOO!!! WOOHOO!! U-KISS!!! U-KISS! biggrin.gif

DJ: Now we know that the entertainment path is a very rocky road, it generates alot of stress! What do the members do to burn off their stress?

Kibum: My mother actually helps me out alot. She gives me inspiration and helps me cool down. She's very important to me.

Eli: I Dance to relieve stress.

Dongho: I play football!

DJ: Oh so you guys are into the FIFA world cup right?

U-kiss: Yes!

DJ: U-kiss can sing very well, can you guys sing something for us while you're here?

Members lapse into a beautiful ballad! (Can someone tell me the song they sang?)

U-kiss continues: Naega keureokke reokke Man Man Hani! Hey! Sarangee keureokke neon Man Man Hani! Binggeul Binggeul Binggeul Binggeul~ Woo~ oo~ ooo~! -laughs-

DJ: Which member is the one who doesn't care about dressing up the most?

Xander: Soohyun hyung. He only goes out wearing T-shirts and slippers!

DJ: Does U-kiss like to wear each other's clothes?

Members in unison: No!!!!! No!!!! haha

DJ: Now, we have come to the ending, do you guys have anything to say to your fans? Especially Kibum? You were quiet today!

Kibum: (in English, it was very cute!!!) I Love You!

-then there starts to be a fit about words and COMEL Popped up!-

Dongho: Yes Comel!

DJ: That means cute!

Dongho: Yes! You! Comel! (Haha!)

Female DJ: Oh my gosh, I'm flattered!! Thank You!

DJ: Anything else to the fans?

Kiseop: Saya Cinta Padamu~! laugh.gif

Eli: We hope everyone will come to the fan meeting and you guys can hear us sing live!


Credits: Stephenie♥Eli (Mykissu.com)
yes i just copied from the site, anyway 1 day to go!

Take out with full credits.
Credit: Cyeri@ copycatmemory
Source: Mykissu twitter + mykissu official site

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