Jun 10, 2010

[Random Post] Fun fact: 'The True Fact About KDrama'

Posted by Nez
Dang! another random post which i think is such a good topic to all Kdrama lovers out there, hey I one of them, seriously!
Okay, I love Korean drama. The first drama i ever watch is Autumn In My Heart. Really sad, i can't help to cry in each episode. But, the main point here is that so many people are crazy about kdrama and I really hate them (not myself).

Why? You wanna to know why???
1. In Malaysia kdrama was not in Korean language but, in Mandarin
2. So all the voices of our fav actors,actress are changed into someone we don't know
3.If there were any crying scenes I never found it was sad in fact (funny) haha
4.Moreover, the child actor voice was really kinda..... i don't what to say probably not cute as the original voice

So, all the stupid viewers (only the stupid one if is not you don't continue read (????)) they think it was the true Korean language and kept saying "Chayouk" (in Mandarin it mean hwaiting!) but for the people who actually good (like me) going to the original language by buying the original DVD.

Without any further due lets continue to the main point:
I recently kinda addicted to youtube so while I was browsing videos then i found another hilarious video by nigahiga  which is really funny is about kdrama take a look:

I also found another video parody about kdrama by bubbiosity  

yeah, really funny right??
anyway, most of the Kdrama has the same formula we can actually predict the end,
of course that the main characters hero, and heroine gonna be together huh such an easy thing duh~
But of course is not anyone fault the drama always ending like that unless they wanna to continue in season 2 which never gonna be continued unless the rating over 30%

 But the most important thing we have learned today is stupid people can't read haha XD
As usual I'm gonna provide a brilliant tips in the end of my post and it already help so many people out there including my cat, so today's tips is

How To Watch Korean Drama??:
1. Turn on the TV duh~
2. Buy the original DVD and play it on the DVD player
3. Just sit down and relax....

Additional tips for those who need it

How to avoid from becoming stupid:
1.Study all the time...
2.Always be with clever+genius people
3.Never forget to eat before you sleep
4.Listen to whatever your teacher said or do including came late to the assembly
5.love your parents <3
6. Don't watch TV unless you.... urrr

daa~~ see ya to the next post!!

ps: i just post randomly if hate then you stupid

Credit: Cyeri@ Copycatmemory
Source:bubbiosity + nigahiga @ youtube

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