Jun 7, 2010

[Random Post] Kpop lovers Part.1

Posted by Nez
So this is another section in Random Post, I'm gonna talk about the kpop lovers all around the world!! But I'm gonna talk about my country first at Malaysia.

Well Malaysia one of the place where various kpop stars went here like DBSK,Super Junior, Ft Island, U-Kiss (upcoming) etc..
I one of the crazy fans who would buy anything like the albums, postcards, posters etc. which it proved me to be a loyal Fan.
But, here in Malaysia there are so many fan that only call themselves as a fan but never ever support by buying the original album, and just download the songs somewhere then act like they were no.1 fan. heh~

Anyway, I know that kpop albums may be expensive to certain people, then don't call yourselves as a fan, seriously, if you really a fan you would do anything to support your favorite kpop stars.
Like my friends, they just know the name and song, sometimes they are so overeact one time my sister's friends came over to my house. A few of them were Dbsk fan (not truly a cassiopeia) they look at my dbsk's albums collection and scream, there also one time when she told my sister that she bought the album,

Please, it just one album, don't need to mention it,

Last but not least, is a few advice for those who doesn't has a money to buy anything:

1. just collect money
2. saving money by only use $1 per day (I always do this and i still alive till now,but only if u still live with your parents though)
3. Don't need to buy all the albums, only the famous one will do
4. share the money with your siblings who also like kpop
5. Just beg your parents for money

see ya to the next post!!!!

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Anonymous said...

yeah you are right!!

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