Jun 8, 2010

[Random Post] Why do we need to study part 1

Posted by Nez
Okay, we meet again, today's topic is about study,
why do we ever need to study if we already know that we're stupid??
okay maybe not all of us are stupid but just less dumb, anyway the point is did you ever realize that whenever we go to whatever seminar that suppose to make us a better person.. does that ever work??
they only tell us what to do,what we should be in the future, the study tips bla3 i've been to all of this and none of it are working anyway after i get out from the hall i forget about it i was like ' what was the topic again?'

The main point here is, sometimes when we achieve something good like getting straight A's or pass the examination our parents are proud, but when we do something wrong they gonna remember it the most rather than the good things we achieved.

Plus, the teacher also remember students who always have discipline problems or students who always scream,shout or say something loudly in class. That kinda students that our teacher will remember the most right? Rather than a student who got A in all paper.

Study is hard, even though people kept saying it was easy WRONG!
Don't ever believe them, but only if you're born with genius gene in your blood then study is good for you.
Yeah, and don't forget to read our fanfic! about why do we need to study!

Last but not least, study is still important in our life in order to achieve our dreams, but not all dream need to study right? if you wanna be a star such as actor,actress, singer bla3
Forget about study (it never will help you to gain popularity)

These are few tips to those who always hate in study:
1. Just hold onto your books and say you love them
2.Then they're gonna love you back
3. In the end they're gonna help you in the exam (not cheating but just copying the main point in the book)
4. ask your teacher or begging for more marks if you fail
5. Always look at the bright side and if you forget to pay your electric bill(just light the candles and look at it)

See ya to the next post.....

Credit: Cyeri@Copycatmemory

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