Jun 14, 2010

SoHee, “I have bad first impression of HyeRim as she doesn’t greet well”

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WonderGirls YeEun and HyeRim were chosen as members who gave a bad first impression.

On KBS Happy Together 3 aired on 10th June, YeEun got 3 votes and HyeRim got 2 votes when the girls were asked which member gave them a bad first impression. The reason why YeEun was chosen is that she did not smile. YeEun explained, “I heard many people tell me that I looked angry when I don’t smile.”

YeEun and SoHee had chosen HyeRim. YeEun said, “The answers HyeRim gave are very short. Sometimes I wonder if she really heard me.” SoHee also added, “I’m sensitive to greetings. And HyeRim is one who don’t greet when she passes by. For me, I’m not one who will greet first but will expects others to greet first.”

With that the MCs asked SoHee, “So you are someone who don’t greet well too then.” which roused laughter in the filming venue.

SoHee and HyeRim, both of the same age, also chose each other when they were asked which member they are still awkward with. SoHee said, “I think it is because the time we spent together is little. Maybe because we are still awkward, when one asks ‘why’ the other one answer ‘No, it’s nothing.”
HyeRim said, “I don’t talk much with SoHee.” and MC Shin Bong Seon asked, “Have the 2 spoken more than 100 sentences?”


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