Jul 10, 2010

Netizens disappointed with Girl’s Day debut stage

Posted by Nez
Netizens were not satisfied with five member girl group Girl’s Day’s debut stage, which took place on Music Bank yesterday. These girls finally performed live for their fans with their title track Tilt My Head and were not well-received.

Though people had high expectations for them, they did not sound too good live. They sounded out of breath and were off key at parts.
Netizens wrote,
“I’m really tilting my head myself.”
“They need more practice.”
“I guess my hopes were too high because this was a big disappointment.”
“Please do better next week.”
“They won’t go anywhere with that.”
Ouch! But I agree, they sounded horrible. Yes, I’m being that harsh. And note to the girls: Just because rapping is in-style in Kpop doesn’t mean you have to force someone who can not rap to do so.
The girls will next perform on Music Core this afternoon.

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