Jul 12, 2010

Taeyang’s mysterious back-dancer is garnering hot attention

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Taeyang’s pretty female back-dancer who shyly and mysteriously pecks Taeyang’s right cheek during his I Need A Girl performances is garnering hot attention!

This female back-dancer who has become a hot topic for her sizzling stage presence is named Kim Ji Hye and was born in 1987. Having been Big Bang’s back dancer for some time now and being featured in one of their music videos, Kim Ji Hye is quite a familiar face amongst the Big Bang fans.

She is a member of a female back-up dance team called Crazy, with the stage name of OL. Kim Ji Hye is actively partaking as a back dancer for many other popular singers such as BoA, Se7en, MC Mong, Um Jung Hwa, Lexy, IU and more.

Due to the sudden flock of curious fans flooding and congesting her mini-homepage, her once ‘public’ photos have all been changed to the ‘private’ setting.

With Taeyang and Kang Ji Hye mysterious eye gazes, their cute chemistry on the stage, and the peck on Taeyang’s cheek all sum up the feelings of envy for fans who have been curious of the female back-dancer’s identity.
In response to his continuous collaboration with his back-dancer Kim Ji Hye, Taeyang expressed, “Honestly, there aren’t a lot of professional dancers. It’s difficult to find a dancer who could match well with my style.”

Taeyang continued to explain, “After dancing with each other for quite a time now, we understand each other well. She also expresses the performances well on stage. In simpler words, Kim Ji Hye was chosen as the dancer because she is able to dance skillfully and she nicely expresses my song’s style.”
With regards to speculation about their relationship due to their perfect performances, Taeyang said, “If you say that, it becomes more difficult for me. Ji Hye is extremely popular amongst male fans, so I could get scolded by them.”

Taeyang added,“We’re really close with one another. We’re so close that nothing could hurt our friendship. We’re very comfortable with one another. Our friendship is close to the level of even jokingly telling each other ‘you’re not my type’.”

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