Aug 25, 2010

Underage idols face violation of basic human rights

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A shocking news story has recently been reported, and it deals with the underage idols and trainees who dream of becoming a celebrity.  The report states that the underage idols have to endure strong violations of basic human rights, especially in the arenas of sexual exploitation and learning affairs.

According to sources reported from a Women and Family Affairs Youth Policy Analysis and Evaluation Center report, titled,Analysis of Underage Idols’ Sexual Protection, Labor and Learning Affairs Condition,” one out of every ten idols experienced a request that they reveal certain body parts. In addition, among these underage idols, 50% are having their learning rights violated because they cannot properly listen to class lecture, and 36% are having their child labor rights violated because they work at least 8 hours a day.

Furthermore, this investigation also stated that out of the celebrities who are 19 years old or less, 10.2% answered “yes” to having revealed either their leg, breast, or butt during their activities as celebrities. Female students were especially (60%) targeted by requests to reveal their bodies, or strongly encouraged to undergo plastic surgery (14.6%).  Additionally, although 65.9% of these underage idols realize the importance of attending and listening to class lecture, during the first semester, 26.9% of these idols were typically only able to attend class two days out of the entire week.

Although this is an issue that is constantly speculated on by netizens, this investigation and analysis provides proof of the treatment that Korean idols have to endure in order to become successful.

Meanwhile, through this study, the Women and Family Affairs Youth Policy Analysis and Evaluation Center plans to conduct a further detailed analysis of the problem, and construct a viable resolution through discussions with experts.

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