Sep 4, 2010

Sistar says they wore shorts under their outfits… so stop looking!

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Sistar made their comeback performances last week with “Shady Girl” and with newfound popularity comes controversies. Netizens accused Sistar of not wearing anything under their short outfits on their live Inkigayo performance on August 29th.  This issue came about when member Dasom was doing the Miss Korea dance, overly exposing her goods.

Apparently, people could not spot any type of under wear beneath their dresses.  This really upset Sistar because they did indeed wear shorts under their outfits.  Dasom said, “How could I not wear under shorts while wearing such a short skirt?”

It turns out that the girls wore black under pants for Music Bank and Music Core and it was too distracting because their outfits are bright pink, which clashes with the black.  That’s why they decided to wear hot pink under shorts for Inkigayo.

Bora added, “We were worried about this and it eventually led to a problem.  If you look closely, you will be able to notice that Dasom is wearing under shorts.”

Netizens, stop looking.

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