Sep 4, 2010

Wonder Girls hurt with decreasing fan cafe numbers

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The Wonder Girls recently confessed their inner feelings on their overseas promotions and various other episodes experienced during their international tour.

How did you like your two weeks of promotion time in Korea?
Sohee: It’s been such a while since I’ve been back in broadcast halls and everything was so unfamiliar so I just stayed in the car. However, once I finally got up on stage, I realized I missed our fans.
YeEun: I was actually a bit hurt because our fan cafe numbers decreased along with the number of posts made after we started promoting in America. Going back to Korea, though, I was able to feel that we were still loved and supported so I was very moved. I’m thankful to the fans that have been there for us throughout time.

What does a first world tour mean to the Wonder Girls?
Sohee: It feels like going back to our rookie mindsets. We’ve done big performances in Korea but everything’s smaller in America performance wise so we feel like rookies. It’s an opportunity to go back to what’s really important.

What did you worry about the most as you prepared for your world tour performances?
YeEun: I was worried about mistakes. I mostly thought about studying English since we must comment on things in English. My main concern was having my expressions flow.

Hyelim: I have to keep up with the choreography so I feel very sorry to the members every time I make a mistake or forget something. I’m mostly worried about dancing the wrong move by myself.

Sohee: I think what’s most important is our synchronization with the other staff members. Our English isn’t perfect yet so I get worried when we have to work with foreign staffs.

What’s the most important preparation for a world tour?
Yubin: Stamina is everything. I heard that even men have a hard time with tours. I try to take care of my body by eating healthy meals such as herb chicken and whatnot (laughter).

Sohee: Our stamina is actually better than 2AM and 2PM inside the JYPE company so I’m not too worried about it. I just hope nobody gets hurt.

What was the hardest part during your world tour?

YeEun: We had an American performance right after one in Singapore. When Park Jinyoung was telling us the schedule, he started off by saying, “I’m asking your opinion because you guys are girls.” Sunye got her pride hurt so she stepped forward and agreed by stating, “It’s all right, we can do it.” I should’ve stopped her and said that this was too much but eventually we agreed to the performance. Taking care of our bodies is the hardest.
Is there something you stressed importance on while preparing for your world tour?
Sohee: The smaller the size of the performance, the more we try to converse with the audience. We try to make eye contact and have them dance and scream along with us.

Yubin: Our first performance was in a big gymnasium. It was the type of performance that allowed us to show unique sides of us. This time, we had a very small performance close to the audience so it was nice being abe to converse with them becaues they react quickly. Performing in a famous historical theatre was also a memorable experience for us.

Is it hard changing outfits?
Yubin: Men can take it off on stage but how can we do the same? Often times, we lack staff members, the location is usually narrow, and the time we’re given is short. However, we’re the Wonder Girls. We change when we spin, like Sailor Moon

What was the most memorable to you on your world tour?
Sohee: During our 2DT performance in Atlanta, my outfit disconnected. It has two strings and one broke off. I tried to connect it but the other one broke off as well. I wasn’t able to dance properly and I became highly upset. I wanted to do well so bad but I was too nervous so I made a lot of mistakes.

Sunye: One time, our pllane to New York became canceled. I kept thinking no way, it was probably misreported but it was for real. We had to go to a performance with a lot of VIP guests and the only thought running through my head was wanting to jump on stage with whatever we’re wearing now and performing. I guess I just have that instinct. Reflecting back now, our experience in Korea helped us a lot.

YeEun: I stepped on my mic and fell over during a performance. Normally I’d get up right away but I was dazed out while on the floor. I was wondering what I was doing, where I was. After that, we no longer used Nobody mics (laughter). Because I stepped on it and fell over…

Yubin: YeEun must’ve been shocked. She just laid there, dazed. Sunye and I helped her up and laughed over it when we monitored the performance. We kept rewinding because it was so funny. Rewind… Rewind…

Do you think you’ve reached a certain position in America?
Sohee: I saw Lady Gaga being interviewed on CNN. Is that the status we have to reach? What’s considered a success? Everything seems so far away. Do we have to work hundreds, thousands of times harder than we are now to succeed?

Anything you’d like to say to Sunmi?

YeEun: I’m thankful for Sunmi for monitoring our performances. Unni is smiling but I really am not. I miss you.

Sohee: She monitors for us more so than anyone else so I’m always waiting for her monitor.

Yubin: I met her in Korea. I congratulated her on passing her GED. I got a GED as well so I was able to give her some advice. She’s such a smart friend… I sincerely hope that she achieves what she wants, I’ll always be supporting her. Fighting! And buy our CD, okay? (laughter)

Hyelim: During my trainee days, I was the closest with Sunmi. We’re the same age so we were very close. I miss her.

What does a concert mean to the Wonder Girls?
Sohee: The stage we love the most. I like broadcast shows as well but the fans that come to our concerts already know our songs and love them so it’s really exciting.

YeEun: The only happiness of my life lately. I think it’s fun because I can’t do it. Park Jinyoung always used to say that he’d be happy if he could die on stage and I’m totally feeling what he means now. Even if the audience is small…

Yubin: My vitamin. It’s not something I eat every day but eating vitamins give you strength. It’s the best nourishment tonic for me.

Hyelim: A give and take time with the audience. A time I can show myself the most.

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