Dec 14, 2010

3rd Chapter of Our fanfic

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Chapter 3 : New Student ‘A commoner?’

[You POV]
*If u don’t know POV mean ‘Point of view’*

Today is gonna be the craziest day ever! I just woke up from sleep, and look at the clock.
‘Omg!! It already 7:30am! I’m gonna be late for my first day at the new school!!!’
I quickly get up and wear the uniform as fast as I can.

Then I went down to the kitchen try to see if there's something to eat. ‘ _____ would you like something to eat dear?’ my mom calls my name abruptly out of nowhere.

‘No mom, thank you. I already late for school! See ya!’ I run outside like a mad people.
On the way to the school I just realize that I actually forget to bring my phone.

Then I ran again until suddenly when I turn to the left I feel something weird. The next thing I know I actually got hit by someone in a bike.

[Jaejoong’s POV]

‘Where’s the new student? Yunho? I thought you are the one in charge at the new student?’
I look at Yunho face that seems to be kinda nervous.

‘No, is not me. Changmin the one who responsible for that new student’ Yunho said without feeling any guilty in his tone.

Then Yoochun enter the office, ‘Yah! Big problem!’

‘What YooChun?’ I asked

‘Well, I just heard that our Junsu just involved in same kind of accident’

‘Ommo! Really! With who?’ Yunho asked Yoochun and reach his uPhone.
‘911! We got some emergency here!’

‘Yunho no need to! Someone already called the ambulance and now Junsu at the nearest hospital.’ Yoochun said by looking at Yunho with a relax face.

‘Well, what we waiting for! Let’s go now!’ I grab my key and get out from the office together with Yunho and Yoochun.

‘Okay, Yoochun tell me what Hospital Junsu in?’ I look at Yoochun then he says
‘Go straight and turn left’

I immediately drive the car straight then turn left. Within a minute we already arrive at the hospital.

‘Yoochun!! Why you just tell us that the hospital just besides our school!!’
‘I told ya Junsu in the nearest Hospital’

[You POV]

My head felt really heavy. Then I hear some voice, I try to open my eyes reluctantly because I am really tired. Especially after getting hit by someone in a bike.

‘Mom? Is that you?’ I asked while wondering around, and then I realize my mom wasn’t there. Instead there’s some kind a tall guy with a very sophisticated suit stand next to my bed.

The first thing I do is. Yeah scream! ‘Ahhhhhh!! Who are you? What do you want from me? I'm just a normal kid. I don’t have any money!’

‘No no no! I’m not a bad guy. I’m just on the way to my work, then I bump into you this morning remember?’

‘Oh yeah, sorry. Wait! Did you say this morning? What time is now?’

’10:30 Am. Why are you in hurry?’

‘Duh!! I wear a school uniform! Of course I’m in hurry!’

Before that good-looking guy reply me, the door burst open and another 3 super hot guys come in.
I must be still in dream. Why suddenly so many hot guys appear?

‘Junsu!!’ all of them scream and hug the guy who stood beside me. I guess his name is Junsu then.

One of the guy look at me then put him face in a very shock emotion.
‘Oh, is that the Charming All Idol High School uniform? So you the new and one only girl student?’

‘How do you know? I thought that school just open today? And the school supposes to be secret so that the fans wouldn’t disturb them’

‘Sorry, I should introduce myself first. My name is jaejoong and I the principal of that school. And this is Yunho, but I don’t know what exactly his position is. This is Yoochun, he the stylist for the student and the fashion guru that mean he also a teacher there. Last but not least Junsu, he like our brother.So he always with us even though we tell him not to.’ Then that Jaejoong guy smile at me.

I know I’m the lucky person to go that school. But I’m not actually into Kpop thingy. So lets see if the others students a.k.a idols can seduce me to like Kpop.

I look at those 4 hot guys then say ‘Then I can’t wait to go to the school. Can you bring me there? Now?’

I smirk at them ‘And ASAP!’

‘You just can walk you know, it’s not far from here’ Yoochun said. Then all the faces turn to him.

[No one POV]

There are only two classes in the school. First class consists of Beast members only. And the second class consists of Mblaq members.

All of them seat at their place and do their own stuffs, like hearing music on uPod, playing games at the laptop or PSP. Dancing, singing and also sleeping.

While all of them hanging around, the Beast class has been interrupted with a knock at the door.

Then a bunch of people come in. ‘Hye you all! Let us introduce ourselves! We are 2PM and we’re gonna be your language teachers! Yeay!!’

All the Beast member just seat quietly look at them for a sec then do their own stuffs back, without even feel like 2PM were there.

Then Taecyeon hit the table and scream ‘Hey! Is that the way you treat your teacher! You know what happen if you kept ignoring us!’

Doojun look at him ‘What will you do? We not scare any of you guys! You know our group name? BEAST! We don’t afraid of you!’

Taecyeon go nearer to Doojun and say ‘Oh yeah, people called me Beastly idol and I don’t afraid any of guys here too!’

Yooseob trying to calm down the situation ‘Yo! Just chill down dude! There’s nothing to be mad about. Anyway, did you say language teacher? What do guys know about language? And what language will you teach?’

Nichkun look at the Beast members then smile proudly and say ‘we’ll teach you guys the idol language.’

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*This fanfic i made it by myself all the character I made base on my own creativity and not their real Characteristic*

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