Dec 12, 2010

~ Am I fat?? ~

Posted by Nez
Okey, I am indeed not thinking my body is fat.. but lately I was lack of exercise! So i kinda gain a weight a little bit. But i still not overweight and normal shape. But I'm not as small as before, and I really scare if someone come to me and say "Hey u gain weight do you?" i'm gonna scream if somebody even say that to me!
So now i'm on diet, a healthy diet though.I'm only wanna lost few kg like 2,3 kg only.
Wish Me Luck!! ouh, and actually the real reason is, because i bought a new dress and when i wear it  i look kinda big and chubby and fat.. well i guess i do.

~ Just for Fun~ ( I am in love with chocolate!!) but i have to leave it omg!! so sad.. :(


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