Dec 15, 2010

JAEJOONG, and JUNSU Kittens Gallery [PART 1]

Posted by Nez

Wee~~ So cute right!! He is Jaejoong's cat! His name is Jiji!
aww.. i'm gonna name my cat this too then, yay!

Seriously! so cute!
i once had cat like this, but she's gone ~_~

JYJ kittens!! kawaii!! like their owner hee hee d=
There's Jiji,Bakira,Tiger,Leo, and Leon^^

'Hi, my name is Leo'
kyaaa!! so cute!

Tiger and Bakira!

Jiji is so cute!

Okay, i really jealous with Jiji now.,
He can sat on Jaejoong lap! 


Part 2 coming soon~ Just Wait okay!^^

Do not take out without full credits.
Source: JYJ Twitter

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