Aug 12, 2011

[Random Post] Annoying Blog Part 1

Posted by Nez

We all love blog right? We also love to go to other blog and see what other people blog looks like. It such a fun thing to do. There are also so many blogger that become rich because of their blog. Not me of course, i'm just a beginner.

Today's topic is about annoying blog. What kind of blog that i find to be super annoying? sometimes I will never come back to that blog ever again because of the annoying-ness. Which blog? I couldn't say it, but you know right? hehe

3. The blog is annoying because there were about 50 posts per page!!
how annoying is that.The blog will of course take a lot of time to load, especially if our internet that day is slow. Yeah, that's the reason why my blog only have 3 post per page.

2.Annoying colors combination
Yeah, it is indeed really annoyed me though. Imagine try to read a page that full of colors that don't even match and just so annoy! My eyes hurt badly with that kind of thing.That's why my blog is so simple. hehe

I don't if it just me or all people feel the same, but do u realize how annoyed that music will be. Sometimes i open a blog, you know to search information and stuffs, then abruptly there's a music come out. i really hate it! Notably if the song is the song that i hate. And it become more annoying because there's no pause or stop button!! I ended up mute my computer. the end...

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