Aug 9, 2011

[Random Post] I hate cancer! But my zodiac is CANCER....

Posted by Nez

Such a weird topic right? Well, now I'm indeed really sad. Although my homeroom teacher ask me to not to talk about this matter outside, but still none of people who read my blog are know me anyway. 
The story is more likely about one of my classmate. He such an incredible student. He also a bright student who always score the best on his exam. Moreover he was someone that always cheer up the class. He sometimes play around with me like took my watch and wear it even though my watch had a cute little bunny and hearts all over it, he still wear it. Kinda funny when i think about it though. 

There's a time that he likes to joke around other people. So, basically all my classmate had had a fun or funny moment about him. This year we the 17 will face a really big exam called SPM in Malaysia. Yeah, i'm 17 this year. Kinda nervous to think about this though since i'm not well prepared. But... somehow i cannot stop thinking about him. He a good friend and always be remembered.

He hadn't come to school for almost two months. The only thing i knew is that he had some kind pain at his leg or something, most of us not really bother about it. Until he been absent far too long, which make me feel kinda weird why he not coming to school. Then one day our teacher reveal something that i didn't even expect or even wanna to hear about it.
Who is he? of course i cannot state the name. But he actually had been diagnosed of.. Bone cancer. and now he on stage 3 of that cancer.

He will get well soon ;)

I know that. and somehow i hope he know that all of us of his classmates are always pray for him...

Get Well Soon....

Author: Nez2806@CopycatMemory

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