Sep 16, 2011

[Random Post] Goodbye sister!! See ya again next year!! :D

Posted by Nez
So, I just got back from sending ma sister at the airport, she's been studying abroad for about 10 months there. and have been holiday here about 3 months! So I only got see her for 3 months this year. hehe
Since she my only sister so I'll be kinda lonely though ><"
I do wanna to study abroad, but yeah the risk is that we have to separate with our parents and families. But no matter where we study we are still the same, the important is the knowledge that we can get.
But of course if we study abroad we will get the most priceless experiences that we can't get anywhere else. We can study others cultures, languages, and even meet other people and make new friends that from different backgrounds.
Anywhere, good luck to my sister! Wish the best for you! ;D
See You Soon~~

Looking forward next year! cepat lar balek hehe
its funny right the fact that time run so fast when we not wait for it, but when we wait the time to come it seems so long~~ 

Credit: Nez2806 @Copycatmemory

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