Oct 17, 2011

[Random Post] Busy busy! Big Big Exam coming up!!

Posted by Nez
 So, the reasons I've been lacking of update because of exam!! I was so busy with exam!! Not to mention that i have other exam around this November, and this exam is extremely important! Because it will determine my future.

Of course, if you ask me if I already ready with all the preparation.. my answer will be.. Not completely ready ><"
Now when I put all the books together on desk.. i look exactly like the picture above...

Stress?? Of course.. By the time I'm writing this post, i actually had a migraine.. So how to actually avoid from being over stressful towards exam? I have the tips below:

 Yes I know.. study is boring.. anyway lets see the tips!
1. Always never study last minutes!
2. Always never forget to do a lot of exercises! especially for math
3. Do something that will let your stress go away.. which i don't know how...
4. Be good to all of your friends, teachers....
5.Just get ready..
6. Don't ever believe you friends words when they said they not study yet, because they actually already study a lot!
7. Always stick to this 'I hate if i fail in exam or test, but i also hate to study'
8. never study when you sleepy
9. Never show off when you study
10. Always bear in mind that study is Fun-Tastic

So, yeah.. that's it...

Sometimes i wish math will be as easy as this..
which is not gonna to happen....
yeah, and this too

Credits: NEz2806@Copycatmemory

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