May 1, 2015

[Anime] Tokyo Ghoul

Posted by Nez

This is currently my favourite anime this year!! OMG! I've never into anime as much as this one. If you're an anime and enjoy genre like this I totally recommend you to watch this. The soundtrack totally one of the best, I actually listening to one right now like it actually play suddenly when I was writing this lol. 

My favourite song from the soundtrack is this song, the opening from  the season 1. I seriously in love with this song and can't stop listening to it!

However, there are some of the bad reviews from this anime like how the season 2 not following the storyline from the manga, and how the ending well sorta of different from the manga. So, I guess it is better to read the manga.

I'm not that good at making an anime review, and pardon my grammar mistakes. Anyway, if you haven't watch it then you totally should! There's only around 12 episodes per season currently.

Watch the trailers you'll like it! 

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