Jul 18, 2009

SHINee does Vogue Girl

Posted by Nez
SHINee’s photos for the upcoming issue of Vogue Girl for August were just revealed to get us excited again.

Not again, you might ask. But the Vogue Girl photos are the total opposite of their Numero Korea pictures, so enjoy

SHINee exposes more of their feminine side for Vogue Girl, and I’m putting that politely. Seriously though, these dudes need to get laid, and quick. I think I’ve expressed this before, but I feel bad because they could be getting so much play from the ladies.

However it seems that SM Entertainment, like what most music companies do with their artists, has suppressed SHINee’s natural desires to the point that the members have resorted to getting their “skinship fix” with each other.

I think it would be a good idea for the ladies that are hardcore fans of SHINee to start a “Free SHINee” campaign and/or petition. The time is now ladies before SM Entertainment turns SHINee into a group of fairies. Don’t believe me? I have one word for you that will put into perspective SM’s proven ability to destroy the heterosexual male’s preference of the female gender: HEECHUL.

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