Oct 26, 2009

2PM Jaebeom’s life in Seattle aired

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A couple days ago, we reported that former 2PM leader Jaebeom (Jay Park) will be featured on a new upcoming KBS2 show called "Into Sunday Night," hosted by MC Nam Hee Suk. The show was finally aired on the 25th, which revealed his face for the first time after leaving Korea.

The production crew met Jaebeom in a dance battle competition in Seattle, United States. Looking only at his face, he looked relaxed. When Jaebeom noticed the camera, he left the place and although they were able to ask him a question, he answered, "Sorry," and avoided them.

The next day, Jaebeom sent a 2PM CD to the place where the production team was staying. Along with the CD, he left a message saying, "I can't tell you anything. Although you came a long way, I am sorry."

On that same day, the production crew was able to meet Jaebeom's family. The family assured the team that Jaebeom was doing fine and his younger sibling commented, "He is doing well. He is spending his time at home," while his father also added, "He is well. I don't like my child being issued constantly," rejecting the request for an interview.

The production crew was able to meet Jaebeom's pastor. His paster commented, "He was a gentle child. He knows how to respect his parents, and have good relationships with other people. I think the Korean society is still sensitive about the second generation Korean-Americans. For example: the problems about the mandatory military services in Korea and also some of the mentalities of Koreans, as they think, 'You guys are living a special life in America, while we are living in a small country...' Examples like these made them [Korean society] react more sensitively about Jaebeom's problems."

They were also able to meet one of Jaebeom's high school sunbaes (senior), Kim Tae Young. He commented, "Jaebeom said he really had a hard time when he first visited Korea. The foods there didn't match his appetite and he knew no one in Korea."

The show also revealed that Jaebeom had matured because of his stay in Korea. Last August in America, Jaebeom had an interview with one Korean broadcast company, and he talked about how hard his trainee days were, and how he was able to mature as he spent time in Korea. He stated, "At first it was hard. I was unfamiliar with the Korean language and the foods didn't match my taste. To be honest, for the first 2 months, I wished I was back in America." He added, "It was really hard. But I didn't want to disappoint everyone so I resisted."

After revealing the hardships he had to go through, he added, "I realized that if you work hard, you can do what you want. I am more mature now. I now wish that I should have done more for my family after I realized the importance of my family, as I was separated from them."

A representative from the broadcasting company who conducted the interview stated, "It is hard to look at the meaning of the sentence that caused the problem [Jaebeom's comment on Korea] as 'I hate Korean people'. The sentence was showing the Korean-American's [Jaebeom's] feeling of 'Korea' while learning about Korean society. He just said it in a comfortable way, in American style... But the Korean society has taken this sensitively."

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