Oct 26, 2009

Jaebeom’s outfit now worth nearly $2 MILLION dollars!

Posted by Nez

We reported a few days back that Lotte was hosting a charity auction with celebrity participants. There were all sorts of items including clothes, books, cups, etc.

A couple of days after the auction had started, there were some new additions to the list. The ones that caught the attention of netizens were 2PM's stage outfits, especially Jaebeom's. Jaebeom's outfit was at around $8,222 USD a couple hours after it was listed. If you guys thought that was a big bid, think again.

Currently, the highest bid for the former leadja's outfit is at 2,036,430,000 WON, which is worth approximately $1,710,572 USD! But don't think that they are forgetting about the other 6 members as their outfits have extremely high bids as well (not compared to Jaebeom though):

Wooyoung is at 34,881,800 WON, which is approximately $29,300 USD
Taecyeon is at 13,290,400 WON, which is approximately $11,164 USD
Nickhun is at 11,495,000 WON, which is approximately $9,665 USD
Chansung is at 9,743,400 WON, which is approximately $8,184 USD
Junsu is at 5,420,200 WON, which is approximately $4,553 USD
Junho is at 4,026,200 WON, which is approximately $3,382 USD

So with all 7 outfits combined, the total would be approx. $1,776,820 USD! But remember, it's not over yet, the auction ends October 29th.

Are the Hottests planning to hit the streets? Of course it is for a great cause, but how did the fans (most of which are teens) get that amount of money? This either means that corporate big shots have 2PM obsessed daughters, Hottests are combining their money (which isn't likely), or that bidders are going to get a good old fashioned Korean stick beating from their parents very soon.

Remember to visit the 2ONEDAY Forums for more information.

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