Oct 26, 2009

2PM’s Taecyeon Needs Jaebeom?

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With all of the controversies that have arisen in the past few months, it's become clear that netizens are a group of people unrivaled by others - from their prowess in stalking research to the critical influence of netizens en masse, I think many can agree that netizens are truly their own kind. On October 23, 2PM's Taecyeon updated his CyWorld asking commenters to keep their language clean, but eagle-eyed netizens have deciphered a... hidden message?

On first glance, this message may look innocent enough; translated to English, Taecyeon's message roughly reads as, "My mother comes in and out of my CyWorld...there's no need to curse on here is there?"

So what's so weird about this note? As Korean readers may notice, Taecyeon's syntax choice (the order of the words) is awkward ("CY that even my mother comes in and out"), which caused KHottests to take a closer look at this message, and they found something puzzling...

"나는 제이 필요. I need Jay."

As some KHottests argue, if Taecyeon simply wanted to leave a warning about language censorship, he wouldn't have written the sentence in such a strange & grammatically-awkward manner, and would've opted for something along the lines of, "우리 어머니도 싸이 보시는데. 욕은 삼가해주세요 (My mother checks my CyWorld, please refrain from cussing)", which is far more direct.

What a cryptic mystery... so what do you think, are netizens making a mountain out of a molehill or are they up to something?

Much love to Miss S & 2PM/2AM's #1 international fan forum 2ONEDAY for the heads-up!

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