Oct 26, 2009

Star Golden Bell ratings plunge without Kim Jae Dong

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Without the original MC, I guess it can't go on for long. Kim Jae Dong had left Star Golden Bell after four long years.

The episode that was broadcasted on the 24th had a devastating fall in ratings. According to TNS Media Korea, Star Golden Bell had an average rating of 11.0%. After the departure of Kim Jae Dong, the rating was just 7.6%, a drop of 3.4 percentage points from the normal ratings. It's speculated that the ratings fell mainly because of the change of MC's, as the program had kept a steady rating of 11%, and it should not fall that much due to guests or anything of that matter.

Kim Jae Dong filmed his last episode on the 12th in tears. Netizens were assuming that he was fired due to the death of former president Roh Moo Hyun and that he wasn't the same. KBS is also the Korean government channel, unlike MBC and SBS, so they are politically influenced. KBS has stated that he wasn't fired, but was just a change of MC's for the fall season. Kara's Nicole was also swapped with fellow member Gyuri.

On another note, ShiNee's Onew was the winner for this episode. it seemed like he was a studious student before his debut, since it was a word challenge, and he had breezed along through it.

credit: WeaReShiningOnTivi

With the departure of Kim Jae Dong, do you think the decline is going to go on?

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