Oct 28, 2009

Are they siblings? Celebrity Look-Alikes!

Posted by Nez
The Korean entertainment industry is undoubtedly full of hotties, each with their own unique individuality that separates them from others. Among these stars, we can often find pairs of look-alikes as if they were blood-related siblings, sometimes confusing us one from another. Take a look at some of these pair-ups of similar stars.

Yunho of DBSK & Yoon Hyuk of December
Can you feel the estrogen rush, ladies? A male duo, December, is set to wow the audience soon with energy strong enough to fill up the empty spot left by Fly to the Sky. They released their very first album on the 23rd, only three days after revealing their faces. As soon as the pictures were posted, the netizens were truly shocked that member Yoon Hyuk was very similar to Yunho of DBSK. Although it may take a while for these rookies to match up the Gods of the East, I hope to see them on stage much soon.

Rain & Junho of 2PM

Junho's insane similarities with Rain have been abuzz among netizens even before Junho's debut. This helped launch Junho's popularity in 2PM. Junho was also the hopeful alternative for fangirls too young for Rain - after all, he's arguably just as sexy.

Daesung of Big Bang & Minji of 2NE1

The resident cuties of Big Bang and 2NE1 are here! Daesung and Minji are both famous for having a "non-suitable" looks for being an idol. However, with their successes, they are the ones who successfully destroyed the walls of prejudice on the appearances by totally rocking the stage. Furthermore, both of them look awfully alike! With their unique crinkly smile and the circular face, there is no question why Minji was once called a "Female Daesung."

Nichkhun of 2PM & Moon Geun Young

Of course, Korea's national heartthrobs of oppas and noonas can't be excluded! Nichkhun and Moon Geun Young's compatibility has already been widespread on the net. Both of them are equally adored by their large eyes planted on their baby-like faces. I guess it's a much better comparison then with a meerkat...

Ji Yeon of T-ara & Kim Tae Hee

Ji Yeon was often in the spotlight prior to her debut under the nickname 'Second Kim Tae Hee', which generated a large number of fans and anti's.

Lee Hongki of F.T. Island & Jang Geun Suk

Lee Hongki is currently starring in a drama You're Beautiful, alongside Jang Geun Suk. Many might have wondered while watching, could these two actually be siblings? Different hairstyles aside, their facial attributes are astonishingly similar. Not only that, both idols also share equal interests in acting and music as their profession. They can truly be brothers from another mother!

Donghae of Super Junior & Amber of f(x)

Donghae and Amber can perhaps be considered as the 'second sibling stars of SM', following Jessica and Krystal due to their twin-like features. Even if they are not related in any way besides the fact they both belong under the same company, their physical similarities are truly undeniable. Amber actually received many comments by the netizens regarding her matching style with Donghae, even before her debut. Also, Amber's boyish personality matches them together even more.

Lee Hyori & Oh Ji Hun

Are they Siblings? Celebrity Look-Alikes!

...I think this speaks for itself.

So what do you think of these celeb look-alikes?

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