Oct 28, 2009

2AM, T-Max, FT Island, U-Kiss & Mighty Mouth Maknaes Get Their Revenge?

Posted by Nez

Forget Transformers & Sith Lords, it's the revenge of the maknaes!

On SBS's new variety show program Idol Maknae Rebellion, the youngest members of various popular groups like Jinwoon of 2AM, Yunhwa of T-Max, Seunghyun of F.T. Island, Dongho of U-Kiss and Shorry J of Mighty Mouth will be teaming up to reveal their talents to the world.

Hosted by gagman Yoo Seyoon, Idol Maknae Rebellion gives idol group maknaes the opportunity to step out from the shadow of their group leaders and unleash their talents for the world to see. Furthermore, this variety show also trains its guests in various fields so that they will have skills to show in a variety of programs. For example, the maknaes' first mission was to sing like famous ballad singer Jo Sung Mo. Talk about high expectations!

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One of the staff members of this program expressed, "This is the first time that maknaes can receive this type of attention outside of their groups. They clearly put in their full efforts in the filming. Our producers launched Idol Maknae Rebellion with the goal of making these guests the #1 most sought after guests in their future program activities."

Although these boys seem to be buffing up to expand their popularity, I think the kpop scenes loves maknae members already. Regardless, it's great to see love for the male maknaes after all of the new friendships we've seen bloom between girl groups both new and old.

Idol Maknae Rebellion is set to air on November 7 at 10PM KST. With such a unique premise, I'm sure many fans can't help but be excited to see these boys have their own time in the spotlight. Plus, getting to see your favorite idols in army gear definitely scores some brownie points!

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