Oct 26, 2009

T-ara’s Qri pre-debut photo surfaces

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Captures of T-ara's Qri before her debut have surfaced and created much interest among netizens.

The captures were taken from a KBS1TV news program which interviewed random people taking the subway and Qri was among the random people that were interviewed. No one cared since Qri was a nobody back then, but with Qri's celebrity status now, it's become a hot topic.

The captures show Qri during her middle school years and she really hasn't changed much. In her random interview appearance she stated, "I was kind of lost many times when I took the subway. I wasn't sure of which stop to stop at or which exit I should take."

Netizens have been making comments such as, "She looks the same before and after she debuted," and comments like, "That's natural beauty right there!".

Qri is currently acting in Queen Seon Duk and participating in TTL Listen 2 promotions with T-ara and Supernova. The interview also revealed that Qri (pronounced as Kyu-ri) isn't a stage name, but her actual name. 'Kyuri' was a nickname used in junior high to girls that are 'Cutie Pretty'. However, it's been clarified that Qri's real name is Lee Jihyun until 'Kyuri' became the name that people were used to calling her.

Many thanks to Elly@diadem for the translation.

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