Oct 26, 2009

TOP Terminates in IRIS

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The new spy drama "IRIS" has been all the rage lately as it racked in high ratings week after week. Even with his brief scenes, TOP, who is appropriately cast as an assassin set out to kill the main character Hyun Joon (played by Lee Byung Hyun), is receiving undivided attention from the public. Not only is this boy a cold-herated assassin that murders innocent victims left and right in the drama, but he also renders heart problems and faint dizziness in the female viewers, who are unable to handless the hotness that is TOP.

After providing a couple of footages earlier, allkpop is proud to present the cut of TOP's scenes from episode 4! Fortunately for VIPs, the Big Bang rapper was granted more screen time this week. Picking up from the last episode, TOP follows through with the mission he was assigned, but was unable to retrieve what was needed. In this week's episode, he reveals more of his Engrish-speaking skills while driving a speedboat. After all, the only thing hotter than a BAMF like TOP on land is a BAMF like TOP on water.

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With his spellbinding stare and beckoning hand motion, TOP has the power to make any female "come" on demand.

Stay tuned for more updates on "IRIS" because you know allkpop will definitely "keep you in the loop."

Shout-out to Grace for the heads up!

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