Nov 30, 2009

2PM’s manager yells at innocent fans in China

Posted by Nez

A fan's video has caused a stir amongst netizens. It seems like as 2PM's popularity continues to grow, the managers are getting more than overprotective.

A video of 2PM and their manager walking in a building in China was uploaded by a fan. In the video, the manager yells at fans that were not doing anything wrong.

Though you can not see the fan very well, it is pretty clear that she is innocent. She was not grabbing a member, screaming, or blocking the way yet the manager still played the role of an overprotective bodyguard and screamed in her face.

Many Chinese and Korean fans are disappointed in the manager for acting so rudely against fans. It's one thing when a fan deserves to be yelled at by a manager or bodyguard but it's a different story when the fan did not do anything wrong in the first place.

This reminds me a lot of the Micky Yoochun incident. The only difference is that Micky Yoochun has fans to back him up, 2PM's manager, not so much.

Check out the video of 2PM's manager yelling:

Thanks to theblazenazn for the tip and iamkimsora2 for the video!

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