Nov 12, 2009

C.N. Blue slated to perform at F.T. Island’s concert

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It has recently been made public that F.T. Island’s F&C Music label mates, C.N. Blue, will perform a small set at F.T. Island’s Seoul concerts, which will take place on November 14th and 15th in Seoul’s Jangchung Gymnasium.

As some of you may already know, F.T. Island’s lead singer Lee Hongki and C.N. Blue’s singer/guitarist Jung Yong Hwa are not only label mates but, more noticeably, they’re also cast mates of the moderately popular Kdrama ‘You’re Beautiful.’ Besides Jung Yong Hwa, C.N. Blue’s members are Lee Jong Hyun (guitar/vocals), Kwon Kwang Jin (bass), and Kang Min Hyuk (drums).

C.N. Blue made their start a few months ago in Japan, playing small clubs and street performances. After receiving the part in ‘You’re Beautiful,’ Yong Hwa had to leave his fellow band members behind in Japan. Although Yong Hwa has been in Korea the past few weeks, the remaining members didn’t halt their progress as a band. They’ve continued to perform small shows and improve their playing skills despite Yong Hwa’s absence.

These two concert performances will be C.N. Blue’s first in front of a large crowd as well as their first live performances in their homeland, Korea. It will definitely be a treat for fans of Jung Yong Hwa, who have been curious to see him perform with his real band, C.N. Blue, instead of his fictional one, A.N.JELL. It’s also a giant leap forward for C.N. Blue. This opportunity brings them one step closer to their debut in Korea, which they hope will take place sometime in early 2010.

For the sake of curiosity, these are the types of gigs that C.N. Blue has been playing in Japan.

Performing with Jung Yong Hwa:
Performing without Jung Yong Hwa:

The small shows may be more intimate and not as nerve-racking but the big shows are where the money is at. Good luck C.N. Blue, and don’t forget to have someone trustworthy screen the groupies before they’re allowed backstage. Hot and easy is where it’s at. Butter-face, toss ‘em back. You don’t want to have to use a brown bag after your first big show.

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