Nov 12, 2009

JYP really wants to beat SM and YG

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On last night's Golden Fishery, JYP not only talked about his thoughts on Jaebeom; he also revealed how he feels about his competitors from the "Big 3," SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

When MC Kang Ho Dong asked the Wonder Girls "Did you girls go overseas to America because of SNSD / Girls' Generation?" They answered: "We wouldn't have lasted if we thought that we needed to beat someone. We wanted to get 100 out of 100 no matter what, not merely get a higher mark than someone else."

Kang then asked JYP, "What are your thoughts on SNSD?" To which he answered, "They're so sweet and pretty but I love Wonder Girls so much that other girl groups just mean nothing to me."

On Lee Soo Man, the man behind powerful SM Entertainment, he said, "He is always a motivation for me. When I have questions, I call and ask him - he tells me everything about advancing to other markets such as Japan and China and stuff. Still, I really want to beat him though." He revealed that he is close with Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment as well, saying, "They're fair people. They wouldn't hide something from me if I asked them."

While praising his competitors he also showed his own pride, saying, "If they are to take their artists to States, they would have to ask me about it."

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