Nov 7, 2009

KARA Seungyeon’s tearful confession [updated with subs]

Posted by Nez

On an episode of Strong Heart, KARA's Han Seungyeon brought the whole studio to tears as she confessed the struggles she went through to help KARA get to where it is today.

For the filming of this episode, just the title of Seungyeon's story, 'In order to protect Kara,' had all the guests curious about what our booty-shaking cutie had to share.However, the guests got teary-eyed as Seungyeon confessed, "Most people think I am a bright kid, because I am always smiling in front of the camera," then revealed the story with what KARA went through.

Seungyeon shared the struggles she went through during her pre-KARA days, and started to cry as she revealed each struggle. For example, when ex-member Sunghee left the group, the remaining members, who hadn't been consulted, felt the hard blow.

It was reported that Seungyeon could not even finish telling her story as she got too emotional. But she was soon able to collect herself and finished off by stating, "I was determined that I would do anything in order to protect KARA and to make our name known. I then started to work without any hesitation."

Who knew that such a difficult struggle lied behind that sweet face... at least Seungyeon and the rest of KARA are quite successful today, and Seungyeon's efforts haven't gone to waste.

Many thanks to toebeast for the video.

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