Nov 23, 2009

Tablo’s Brother criticizes Infinity Challenge in New York

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The cast of Korea's favorite TV show, MBC Infinity Challenge, made a visit to New York City not too long ago. The "challenge" was to spread the love of Korean food to New Yorkers by approaching and engaging pedestrians in a one to one conversation, which was somewhat successful. This special episode in the Big Apple was aired over the weekend - however, not everyone was satisfied.

The brother of Tablo, Dave (Lee Sun Min, 37) left a rather harsh criticism toward the Infinity Challenge crew and Korea as a whole on his CyWorld minihompy on the 21st. The post has now been closed, but its screenshot still remains circulating on the net, receiving an enormous amount of hatred from netizens.

NOTE: The translations are not in order as it is a compilation from numerous articles.

"I did have my worries when I heard that the Infinity Challenge members were coming to New York... and I totally felt like dying from the embarrassment while watching.

The internet is being all crazy now, saying how 'our Korean humor worked in New York too'.

They were ignored like dogs on the streets from the New Yorkers for mumbling gibberish and not even being able to speak a word. They were also treated like retards at a pizza place by being thrown a random slice to eat.

Also, street casting?? Internet radio?? The one who calls himself the "Nation's MC" dances like a grasshopper inside a crappy warehouse with a green screen those 20 year old white boys call a 'studio'. Was it just me or did those dumb-looking white boys make him a complete fool? I wonder what those white boys were thinking (Actually never mind. Even if they said it out loud, the Koreans wouldn't have understood). They perhaps thought, 'WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE RETARDS DOING??'

I know you guys are being 'real' for entertainment, but keep the low-quality comedy in Korea. Please, ok? You guys make millions per year? Did you really have to go overseas and especially the capital of the world, New York City to be bunch of jackasses? MBC sure knows how to put themselves on the top.

To MBC who produced this piece of crap and those crowd of reporters who publicized this shameful event as if it's something we need to be proud of... Of course, this episode is just perfect for those Koreans who think this low-quality comedy is just so funny.

Since when was it so humiliating to be a part of our Korean race?

Get rid of the 'food' and why not tell those New Yorkers with your gibberish that Dokdo1 is our land? You guys act like you can attack Japan any day when you guys are the ones who copy their shit?"

1Dokdo (Liancourt Rocks) is a group of small islets located in the East Sea, currently in a national dispute regarding its sovereignty between Korea and Japan.

He not only insulted the members of the Infinity Challenge members, but also the students studying abroad in America. Although it may sound a bit irrelevant toward this issue, he displayed his annoyances and complaints toward their 'unacceptable behavior'.
"The students leak the questions online and get high scores on their TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) to study abroad, but all they do is fool around karaokes and clubs on 32nd Street. They copy the reports from their seniors and get caught by the professors. They can't speak a tiny bit of English, not even a simple phrase. No wonder New Yorkers put down Asians and especially the Koreans.

I wouldn't say anything if they didn't care about English at all. Korea is the number one country in the world who spends the most money on their English education. But all they do is spend a load of money to learn English in the "least developed countries" like the Philippines and even separate from their families for good."

Now, many of these references may be true, however, the way Tablo's brother expressed them may not have been the best way to go about it. As a family member of celebrity in a position of high attention, I believe he should've been more careful with his words - especially in public.

Do you think a typical apology letter would do? After coldly insulting the members of Infinity Challenge, the white men, the Korean international students and even the innocent Philippines? I say not.

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