Dec 25, 2009

Sandara Park is jealous? “Thunder’s face is smaller than mine, I don’t want to take photos!”

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Celebrity siblings Sandara Park and Thunder’s comparison of the size of their faces has received heated responses from netizens.

Sandara Park posted a photo taken with her younger brother MBLAQ Thunder on her me2day on 23rd December.

She wrote, “A few days back I went to Inkigayo to watch ‘Please Don’t Go’ performance, and met singer Thunder coincidentally… Because he was too cool, I asked to take photos together and he agreed. The child’s face is too small that my photo turned out a little embarrassingㅠㅠ He is known to be a 9 deung-shin*! I am not going to take photos with him!Hmmp! My face is also small!!!ㅠㅠ”

And about the good-looking siblings who not only have pretty features they were also attractive in terms of their physical build, and netizens commented, “Their face sizes are really outstanding”, “They really received some good genes from the family. So envious” etc

Sandara Park also posted up a photo of the 2 wearing winter hats, and wrote, “Merry Christmas!ㅋㅋWho are these~?! Everywhere there is Christmas trees and bright lights.. What will you be doing on Christmas day?? How about spending it with us?!Promise!^.^ Come on”

S: TVDaily

*9 deung-shin: to describe someone who is really tall and physically attractive

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