Jan 5, 2010

F.cuz welcomes the new year with “Free Hugs” events!

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On January 2, F.cuz visited Jongno-gu, Seoul to hold two "Free Hugs" events to welcome the arrival of the new year... need I say more?

A message from CAN&J Entertainment read:

F.cuz, which is looking forward to a new beginning, would like to convey their warmth and firm support for everyone starting the new year.

JinOn, Lee U, Kan and YeJun - the four members of F.cuz - will give warm hugs to the tired that need support ... hurry to embrace F.cuz~ ^^

At 4PM, the four boys arrived at their first destination, Myeongdong, each equipped with his own handmade "FREE HUGS" sign; after an hour, they traveled to Dongdaemun Market for another session. Without much surprise, both events were pretty successful, with both fans and pedestrians crowding around to embrace the four heartthrobs.

You can't help but smile when you watch F.cuz practically radiating cheeriness in the footage, check out this released video that recaps the day:

cr. Fcuzed

Check out the photos here... these boys can't get any cuter!




For more photos of this event, check here at the Fcuzed Forums.

CAN&J Entertainment is doing a great job putting F.cuz out in the spotlight - with their Christmas greetings, Lotte World trips and now two Free Hugs events, these boys are having no trouble charming their ways into people's hearts. It's also great to see the Free Hugs Campaign mixing with the kpop world... can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if groups like 2PM and SNSD held one of these events themselves?

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