Jan 12, 2010

JYP is Jealous of 2PM’s Nichkhun?

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It seems that on the same episode of KBS2TV’s ‘Sweet Night’ where JYP / Park Jin Young praised 2PM’s Nichkhun for exceeding his expectations,” he also expressed how Nichkhun has made him feel jealous.

JYP explained that after a performance with 2PM, a group of fans came up to him to share their admiration and congratulate him on the performance. The excited fans even went as far as to say that JYP was “hotter than 2PM.” Unfortunately for JYP, the adulation from these so called fans was short lived. The gaggle of fans were quickly distracted once 2PM’s Nichkhun came within striking distance and like a Tiger around a piece of juicy meat, Tiger Woods around a semi-attractive women, they abandoned JYP and ran to Nichkhun’s side to fanatically venerate him.

With an awkward smile which caused the audience to laugh, JYP wrapped up his story by confessing that as a fellow singer, that moment left him feeling some jealousy towards Nichkhun’s popularity.

That was a cute story by JYP, but I don’t believe it for a second. I believe that you may have been “fan-blocked” by Nichkhun, what do you expect from teeny-bop fan-girls, but I don’t believe that you were jealous. Wait… I take that back. Maybe he did get a little jealous, but it probably only lasted a millisecond…

My version of the conversation:

JYP: You really killed it the other night Nich.

Nichkhun: Thanks boss. I owe it all to you.

JYP: No problem. It’s funny because after the performance I was chatting it up with the fans but once they saw you, they kind of left me in the dust and ran off to meet you. I have to admit that it made me a little jealous.

Nichkhun: Well. Uh. I don’t know what to say. You know how the fans get someti…

JYP: *cell rings* Sorry to interrupt Nich. I need to take this call…

Hello. What’s the good word? … Those shares of stock I just bought rose? … Great. How about that Bentley I ordered? Is it in yet? … Excellent. I can’t wait to pick it up. What about that penthouse apartment I was looking at? … No. Not the one in Gangnam. The one in New York on the Upper East Side… I got it? Really?! That’s great news. Hey. I’ve got to go so I’ll call you back in a few. Bye.

Sorry about that Nich. What were we talking about?

Nichkhun: We were talking about some fans you met, and while you were talking to them they ran off to meet me and it made you jealous of me or something.

JYP: Did I say that? HAHA! Oops! Don’t worry about it. I’m over it.

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