Feb 23, 2010

Eun Ji Won is not having a shotgun marriage

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After the announcement that Eun Ji Won was getting married this April, there were speculation that it might be a shotgun marriage since it came out of the blue.

But Eun Ji Won has come out to clarify that and denies that he is following the trend that is currently prevalent among celebrities in Korea.

Eun Ji Won was speaking to reporters before a recording of 1N2D,

“We dated each other with the aim of getting married. After filming for 1N2D in Antarctica ends for the entire month of March, there won’t be any filming scheduled for April. So we decided to take that opportunity to get married. This is definitely not a shotgun marriage.”

“I am not a very mature person but my girlfriend is really bubbly and I can lean on her. I sort of developed a respect towards women after meeting my girlfriend. From separation to reunion, I immediately thought of marrying her. I hope to be with her for the rest of my life. I am however sorry to her for a lousy proposal.”

Kang Ho Dong then asked Eun Ji Won to propose again and he did,

“It must be hard for you to be with an inmature man whose nickname is ‘primary school student’. I thank you for believing and supporting me.

I love you, please marry me!”

He continued,

“My in-laws were still decided on the wedding date when the news got leaked so we couldn’t break the news to everyone first ourselves. We have already met each other’s families formally.”

The wedding date is yet to be fixed as of writing.

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