Feb 21, 2010

[NEWS] 100220 Jo Kwon, "When I try to be sad, I think of the times JYP yelled at me"

Posted by Nez
The funny Jo Kwon appears on Ha Ddang Sa (The sky laughs, the ground laughs, the people laugh).

On this episode, Jo Kwon appears with Lee Gyung Sil, Jo Hye Ryun, Ji Sang Ryul, and Jung Chan Woo (all of them have transformed into high school girls). Showing off his funny side, he gave the audience a good laugh.

Dancing to Hyun-A's "Change," and SNSD's "Gee," Jo Kwon showed an upgraded version of his signature dance, Ggap-gwon dance.

Jo Kwon also showed off his chocolate abs and lifted a 30kg weight, and sang "I can't let you go even if I die." To really get into the emotions of it (?), Jo Kwon grabbed Jo Hye Ryun by the neck and made the audience laugh.

When one of the MCs asked him how he gets into a sad song emotionally, Jo Kwon once again made the audience laugh by replying, "I think of all the times JYP yelled at me."

This episode will appear on Feb. 21st.

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