Feb 21, 2010

Super Junior’s Henry promises fans a big surprise?

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A bit past midnight in Taiwan on February 20, Super Junior’s Henry visited Baidu to greet fans with a sweet message, New Year’s greeting and a promise for a big surprise.

As our readers probably know by now, SuJu’s been busy with their pan-Asian tour, doin’ a little Bangkok and now heating things up in Taiwan. Chinese ELFs are undoubtedly pumped up for the concert on February 21, and Henry definitely added to the hype with this post. Check it out here:

Hello everyone!!
Happy new year’s!!!
Happy new year’s!!! (Cantonese)
Bring over the red envelopes!!!!
:):):) ^^

Sorry everyone!
I haven’t talked to you guys in so long…
Recently a few things came up so I’ve been very busy…
I also long for you guys!!
Have you guys been well lately?
Do you still like me?

I’m in Taiwan right now! Tomorrow is our Super Show 2
At Super Show 2, I have a new “SURPRISE” for everyone!

Thank you guys for always so supporting me!!!
I will always remember you guys!
I’m going to sleep very soon…. I have to get up early in the morning tomorrow…
I just wanted to say to you guys…
We SJM and SJ, despite any problems that may occur … will always endure…
You guys don’t have to worry!
Thank you you guys for supporting us so [much]… supporting me
It’s already too late… you guys should sleep soon!!!

I’m going to go to sleep…
Sleep soon…
You guys have to see my BIG SURPRISE tomorrow ! It’ll definitely make you guys happy… ok?
I love you guys
Good night! Happy new year’s…
OOHH! And…. also want to say to other FANSITE (Korea’s… Chinese Wang…lovesjm…concerto…endless…henrylau.cn…henry cyworld!….etc…) thank you guys! Happy new year’s! Happy new year’s (Cantonese)… !!! I love you guys!!

So what kind of surprise do you think Henry has up his sleeve? It must be pretty good if he’s so excited about it… tell us your guesses!

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