Feb 26, 2010

What do the KARA girls want to steal?

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When you are around 10 years old to 20 years old, there should be many things that you would want. Especially in Korea, girls want more than just clothing and fashion accessories. The five members of KARA are between those ages, and their minds are not much different from other girls. With their latest “stealer concept” for Lupin, the ladies were asked what they desired to possess.

Here is what the girls answered!

Seungyeon and Goo Hara want a: Driving License

The two said that they really wanted their driving license. It seems like Seungyeon had already taken a test for hers a few times. She said, “Taking the driving test for a license takes a lot of time so it might have an affect on our group promotions.” Goo Hara said, “When I get my license, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to switch lanes on the road.”

Nicole wants a: Private Training Room

Nicole said that she wanted a private training room. She even explained about what she wanted in it. On one side, she wanted a mirror, and said that she needed four speakers installed. She also said that having a sofa would be great too, so she can think about things while sitting there.

Gyuri wants a: Keyboard instrument

As the leader of the group, Gyuri gave a leader-like answer as well. Gyuri said that she wanted a clavier in their dorm. She said, “Because our dorm is so small, we couldn’t be able to have a piano, or any other keyboard instrument. When we move to a bigger dorm, I am thinking about getting one.”

Jiyoung wants a: Vacation

Member Jiyoung, who is currently a high school student, gave the most laidback answer and said she wanted a vacation. She will start school again during her promotions for Lupin. This will be very stressful for her, as she has to keep up to not fail, and train everyday as well.

Their answers are totally different from what I expected. Now, I want to know what our readers want. Comment below!

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