Mar 18, 2010

D-NA’s Mika is related to 2PM’s Junsu

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It’s been revealed that rookie group DN-A’s Mika is the second cousin of 2PM’s Junsu, as Junsu’s father and Mika’s mother are cousins! Both Mika and Junsu grew up in Daegoo, dreaming to become artists.

In an interview Mika had with Sports Korea, he stated, “I am excited about the fact that I get to see Junsu hyung in a broadcast company, with both of us being artists. He gave me a lot of advice while I was training, so I want to pay back by becoming good.

If you look at their faces close, their faces do resemble a bit like each other. They both have half-moon shaped eyes when they smile, and also have a similar shaped noses. Aside from physical appearances, even their great vocal skills seem bear some resemblance.

Growing up, both of them attended the same music academy. When Mika faced through struggles as a trainee, Junsu, who had already debuted with 2PM at the time, gave him a big support.

Mika commented, “[At first], I was unfamiliar with the life style in Seoul. As my trainee days were passing by, I even thought about quitting. But I never gave up after looking at Junsu hyung doing activities with 2PM. Looking at Junsu hyung, I thought to myself that I, too, can become an artist someday.

It’s great to see some brotherly love between the two male idols. Although they aren’t siblings, SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal have some ’superior genes’ rivalry!

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