Mar 24, 2010

Family Outing switches up genders

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We reported earlier that the cast of Family Outing would be switching places in terms of gender as everyone went through a horrific cross dressing fashion show. Now the episode has aired and clips have been released online!

The most note worthy in these clips are SNSD’s Yoona, 2AM’s Jo Kwon and 2PM’s rapper Taecyeon. Each one of them went through a particularly unique and hilarious change that had fans dying with laughter.

Yoona’s cross dressing was the least drastic of the cast. She donned a sleek black suit and hat as she smoothly made her way onto the set. She put on the huskiest accent she could muster up and tried to be as boyish as possible with her short wig. Of course, when it was her turn to perform dancing, she mysteriously grew a moustache almost immediately and resembled a certain Italian plumber as she danced on a chair to Shinhwa’s Wild Eyes.

2AM’s Jo Kwon came out looking like a beautiful geisha from the olden days with pale makeup, long gown and a fan to boot. He then threw off his red cloak and began doing his trademark dance in the traditional clothing that exposed his bare back. It was hilarious yet awfully disturbing how well he pulled off being a hot woman. Even the “straightest” of arrows might have done a double take and made a “curve” U-turn onto the rainbow colored highway.

The highlight of this cross dressing bonanza was beastly rapper Taecyeon. He walked out onto set as he transformed from “beast” to “beauty” with a beautiful long black dress. He flaunted and emphasized his slim figure in a sweet high pitched voice until someone pointed out his muscles. This caused him to bring back his husky manly voice as flexed and showed off his rock hard muscles in front of the camera. Taecyeon’s dance performance was…well, sexy in its own twisted way as he showed off his own version of “honey thighs”.

The whole segment was an incredible display of entertainment and it’s bound to make you laugh with hilarious joy. Watch below!

Yoona, Taecyeon and Jo Kwon introduced:

Yoona Dance Cut:

Jo Kwon & Taecyeon Dance Cut:

Take out with full credits.
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