Apr 29, 2010

JYP, Creator of Rivals? Former Celebs of JYP Coming Back to Threaten Park JinYoung

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It looks like JaeBeom, the former leader of 2PM is coming back to Korea to film a Hollywood movie, Hype Nation. He left the company due to unknown privacy reasons, but after his departure, he started to rise.  It looks like all the JYPE’s former stars, are rising high, and there are examples like JaeBeom of 2PM, Rain, HyunA of 4Minute and SunMi of Wonder Girls.
Rain has come back to Korea for his singing career, which was very happy news for the fans in Korea, as he was in Hollywood for a long time. Rain was under JYPE for a long time, and Park JinYoung was training Rain and G.O.D at this time. Even though Park JinYoung cared him with love, Rain left JYPE. He first appeared in Hollywood through the movie Speed Racer, and then came back with main role of a Hollywood movie, Ninja Assassin. This was a success, since he was just on his own. Rain has learned a lot from Park JinYoung; however, he has also learned a lot from his own experiences. Even though JYP has been a producer longer than Rain has, they are both celebrities in their own right and JYP is no longer a teacher to Rain; instead he is a rival producer.
One of the biggest issues right now is the comeback of JaeBeom. Last September he left for Seattle due to the Myspace incident, and this February, his contract with JYPE ended. Recently the crew of Hype Nation asked JaeBeom to star as the main character. Hype Nation is based on a Korean B-Boy, so JaeBeom was perfect for this role, as he is a part of AOM, his b-boying crew and is fluent in English. He is planning to come back to Korea this June with his parents and stay for around 70 days to film the movie. Even though JaeBeom just started to come back with solo activities, after his long absence he still has a lot of fans and it looks like JaeBeom and 2PM are on a different level now.
Member of 4Minute, HyunA used to be a rapper in Wonder Girls, and after HyunA’s absence YooBin took over the rapper position of Wonder Girls. HyunA left Wonder Girls due to her health, but soon she came back as a member of 4Minute. Some Korean netizens think the health problem was just a excuse, some netizens even said that she had to leave Wonder Girls because she was pregnant. These are merely rumors, but HyunA also showed that she is rising without JYPE’s help.
It looks like the kids JYP taught are threatening his own career. JYPE is currently under tension as the fans of these celebrities, especially JaeBeom’s fans, are not happy about JYPE’s attitude, and how Park JinYoung treats these people.
Source: young @ tvdaily.co.kr
Translation: jimin_katie @ kpoplive.com

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