Apr 29, 2010

The Jay Effect? – American Artists Benefit from Korean Covers

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It’s been an ongoing trend. American artist B.O.B currently sits on the top of the Korean music online charts and has been there for an entire month. Just how accurate is the statement, “It becomes a hit when idols sing it” ?
The reason and cause behind B.O.B’s popularity and success results from Jay Park’s raw cover of B.O.B’s “Nothing On You“. The ex 2PM member has garnered a substantial following and continues to play a part in indirectly influencing the charts. Thanks to Jay’s bathroom recording, B.O.B has earned as much as US$300,000 in total sales as estimated by Warner Music, through a released press statement on the 27th.
On the 16th of March, after Jay’s cover was released on the viral video site YouTube,  “Nothin on You” peaked and secured number 1 positions for more than a month on online charts such as Cyworld, Lunch Box, Melon, Mnet, Bugs, and Soribada to name a few.
Representatives from Warner Music affirmed netizen observations by stating “Thanks to Jaebum’s video, the song gained exposure and became the most searched on music sites. Till recently it holds firm in the first place.
However, B.O.B. is not the only foreign artist to have benefited from covers sung by idols. Karina Pasian’s ballad, Slow Motion, released in 2009, placed first on online charts soon after JoKwon of 2AM sang it on MBC’s ‘Sebakwi‘.
In addition, while on MBC’s Golden Fishery, Jung Yonghwa from C.N. Blue did a cover of Jason Mraz’s rapidfire tongue-in-cheek track, Geek In The Pink, originally released in 2006. That too led to Geek In The Pink making its way to the top of the online charts. 2NE1’s cover of RnB dynamo, Rihanna’s Take A Bow, is yet another example.
On the idol cover phenomenon, Warner Music commented, “Idols bring opportunities to new pop stars who didn’t have the opportunity to promote. Unknown songs can be revalued, which is encouraging in our small domestic pop market.”
B.O.B’s single also topped America’s Billboard Hot 100 chart; and while that may or may not be caused by the ‘Jay Effect’, this theory certainly seems to hold true in Korea.
I’m guity as charged where the Jay Effect is concerned as I find myself grooving to Nothin’ On You for the longest time eversince Jay sang it.
What other songs have recently caught your attention just because you heard a Kpop artist cover it?
Source: Nate News
Translation: crystalheng @ Wild2Day.org

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