Apr 29, 2010

A World Date With Kim Bum

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It was just a passport away for you guys to win a date with Kim Bum! A special date? Yes! Too bad its over. So just sit back and relax – well, I bet you won’t slouch for this as KBS World proudly brings you the special TV program called ‘World Date With Kim Bum’. Videos and more under the cut. The Korean heartthrob, who gained popularity on the hit TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, is offering his fans an opportunity to win a once-in-a-lifetime date which was of course, sponsored by KBS World. And get this, Kim Bum picked the winners himself!
On April 16th, KBS World officially announced 5 lucky girls who were respectively from Vietnam (Tran Thi Mong), Malaysia (Nadira Hanum Binti Akbar Shah), Singapore (Ho Ruo Yun), Thailand (Sasiwimon Buranabanyat) and Philippines (Bianca Gonzales) to get closer with Kim Bum for 4 days. Don’t you think 4 days is too short for a date? Ha! Too long or too short, it could mean a whole year for these girls!
Check out the videos below, but before that, people with raging hormones were curious on how they chose the winners. Well, the criterias for the final selection were as follows:
- Person who can speak English
- Person who is over the age of 20 (By Korean law, we cannot film one under 20, without the parents’ consent.)
- Person who lives in Asia (Southeast Asia)
- Person who fits for the program(event) concept.
So, without further ado, here are two clips with Kim Bum along with his 5 lucky girls! Don’t throw your keyboard at the screen alright?

Aw, how cute was that? Well, don’t you worry, KBS World promised that they will prepare more events for the viewers all over the world! So, better luck next time.
Source: KBSWorld.com
Video Credit: CNDongBangSHINeeNA, meoluvdenmituti @youtube.com

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