Apr 28, 2010

T-ara & Kara Auction Items Online

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To support an upcoming event for stars to give back to the needy, groups such as T-ara, Kara, & SNSD have put some items together to donate which were auctioned for Lotte’s Home Shopping “2010 Star Collection to Share The Love.”
SNSD’s Tiffany was up first, where she donated a simple hoodie and was put up for auction. It sold for a remarkable price of 20,219,200 won (or 18, 300 USD), however will be re-auctioned due to belief that the bid posted was false.
Next up was Kara’s SeungYeon where she decided to donate her pink headphones, and sold for 1,410,100 won (or 1, 300 USD). Joining SeungYeon was T-ara’s JiYeon where she donated her baseball cap to be put up for auction. Her hat sold for a hefty price of 2,550,000 won (or 2,300 USD)! This round for Lotte’s Home Shopping was held from April 19 – April 26.
Other stars that participated in this round include: Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, T-ara, Kara, Son AhSeob, and much more! Stay tuned for the next round of items to be auctioned from your favorite kpop stars!
Source: newsen.com // Credit: Chad @ omgkpop.com

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